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intraday oil 1h

Crude Oil on the Way Towards March 09 Gap – Elliott wave analysis

Crude oil is bullish since end of April and is currently trading very strongly towards $35 per barrel. This can be now a temporary resistance, ideally for wave 5 ... Read More
gbpusd analysis

Bearish Triangle On USD Index Can Support GBPUSD – Elliott wave analysis

USD index is trading sideways for some time now, ideally unfolding an Elliott wave triangle correction in wave B that is part of a three-wave corrective decline. A triangle ... Read More
usdj4 analysis

USDJPY Completing A Pullback and Turning Higher – Elliott wave

USDJPY made a sharp rise from the 101.16 level, following a completed A-B-C move into a leg Y of C), which is part of a bigger triangle correction. We ... Read More
usdtry analysis

Elliott wave analysis: USDTRY into a temporary correction

USDTRY has completed a bigger triangle correction at the 5.63 level, from where a new bullish move started developing. We are tracking a five-wave move higher, an impulse, with ... Read More
German bund

Crude oil and German BUND Look – Elliott wave analysis

Crude oil extended its drop, down from 33.0 swing high, and fully unfolded a fifth wave of 3. Afterwards we have seen a new rally in minor five waves ... Read More
euro elliott wave analysis

EURAUD On A Bearish Ride – Elliott wave analysis

Hello traders, EURAUD is in a bearish trend, down from 1.980 level, as we see a clear five-wave in the making. At the moment we are observing a five-wave ... Read More
usdd analysis

USDCHF Looking Bullish – Elliott wave analysis

USDCHF completed a seven-swing correction within a bigger leg E at the 0.918 area, from where a sharp recovery started developing. This rise is first evidence of a completed ... Read More

GBP/NZD At Resistance/Bearish Zone – Elliott Wave Analysis

After a strong and five-legged decline in 2015, GBP/NZD started to trade into bullish, however overlapping, trading out a W-X-Y corrective structure for a higher degree wave B). We ... Read More

Elliott wave analysis: AUDUSD and NZDUSD Turning Bearish

AUDUSD is currently recovering, however in an overlapping fashion, which suggest a corrective recovery to be in play. We are looking at a wave 4) of a higher degree, ... Read More

Interesting pattern on USD/CHF points higher – Elliott wave analysis

On the weekly chart of USD/CHF, we can see that price was for the last five years making a sideways, and overlapping price activity; an Elliott wave running triangle ... Read More
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