Dr. George Theocharides

South Korea

The South Korean Miracle

Most people around the world know Korea because of the threat for world stability that is posed by Kim-Jong un, the young leader of Pyongyang, North Korea. Indeed, it ... Read More

The Need for an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

I participated recently in an entrepreneurial educational field trip to Athens that is organized by CIIM’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (ENTICE). This is part of a series of educational ... Read More
Cyprus flag

The Challenges for the Cypriot Economy for 2016

Assessing the current state of the Cypriot economy one could say that the year 2015 was undoubtedly another difficult year with several problems still remaining unresolved. One could also ... Read More

Creation of a “Bad” Bank

The banking sector in Cyprus has gone through radical transformation in the last few years following the disastrous events of March 2013. To a large extent, the sector has ... Read More
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Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

In the aftermath of the Cyprus economic crisis, one sector that has been suffering for some time now is the real estate and construction industry. One could argue though ... Read More

The Global Economic Outlook

Global markets have endured a tough summer, hit by a financial crisis that had its origins in China, but spread quickly to other parts of the world. Trillions of ... Read More
World economy

The Current Global Financial Crisis

During the last month global markets has been roiled by the financial crisis that emanated from China, but propagated to other parts of the world. To put things into ... Read More

The Greek Government Debt

Europe and the rest of the world are watching nervously these days as the Greek drama (tragedy) is entering its last phase. There has to be some type of ... Read More

The Role of Securitization in Dealing with the Banking Problems

One of the main problems that our banking sector is facing is obviously the incredibly excessive amount of non-performing loans (NPLs) on our banks’ balance sheets that reached almost ... Read More
Cyprus and EU Flags - image

Internal and External Risks to the Cyprus Economy

Despite the tragic events of March 2013, Cyprus economy has showed resilience and the country was able to return back to stability and regain some of the lost confidence ... Read More
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