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S&P 500 chart

Tesla and Netflix Approaching Support! – Elliott wave Analysis

Tesla can be turning to the upside, because of a broken trend line connected from December of 2018 highs, which can also in days or weeks ahead become support ... Read More
intra gbpusd

Elliott wave Analysis: Crude oil and GBPUSD Intra-day View

  Crude OIL can be unravelling a sharp correction, with energy now trading within sub-wave C of B)/2), with possible resistance area around the Fibonacci ratio of 50.0 or ... Read More

USDCAD Slowing Down, while Gold Ticking Higher – Elliott wave Analysis

USDCAD is currently reversing down from 1.3090 level which looks to be wave b of a three-wave correction from the lows. That said, current drop may look for support ... Read More
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Elliott wave Analysis: NZDUSD Is Stopping for A Pullback; More Weakness Expected

NZDUSD is trading lower, unfolding a new five-wave drop out of a triangle correction located at 0.6834 level. We see three waves to the downside completed, meaning a new ... Read More
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Crude oil and NZDUSD Aiming for Weaker Prices – Elliott wave Analysis

Crude oil is moving sharply lower after a very nice technical reaction lower from the upper channel resistance line that put highs in play for sub-wave 2) at 69.85. ... Read More
intra-day usdchf

USDCAD and USDCHF – Elliott wave Analysis

USDCAD is falling, unfolding final leg as wave c of a bigger three-wave correction. Support for this correction can be around the 1.3204 level, level of a former swing ... Read More
intraday eurusd apr 12 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: Triangle Correction on EURUSD Points Higher

  On EURUSD we are looking at an Elliott wave triangle correction in the making within wave four. A triangle pattern is a five-wave overlapping movement, which usually unfolds ... Read More

Elliott Wave Intra-day updates: USDMXN and CADJPY

  Elliott Wave Intra-day updates: USDMXN and CADJPY USDMXN is bearish since November 15th, when higher degree wave 5 found a top and price started to drop in impulsive ... Read More
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IS USD Index Going Up or Down?

On the daily chart of USD Index we see price looking bearish. We can see that price since January 2017 unfolded and completed three bearish waves. Well we know ... Read More
s&p500 chart

Elliott Wave Analysis: USD Index and S&P500

  Elliott Wave Analysis: USD Index and S&P500 USD Index is sharply and strongly turning lower, away from Fibonacci ratio of 161.8 and former swing high at 94.13 level, ... Read More
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