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Markets are all about flows

  This article looks at prospective supply and demand factors for financial assets in the New Year and beyond. Investors should take into account money flowing into and out ... Read More
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Things Are Lining Up Nicely For Gold And Silver

Beginning in early Spring, gold and silver faced two serious headwinds: Seasonality – that is, the annual decline in bullion demand from China and India once wedding season ends ... Read More

Household financial assets and liabilities in the EU

Total financial assets of households in the European Union (EU) reached €33 850 billion in 2016. The assets mainly consisted of insurance, pensions and standardised guarantees (38.8% of all ... Read More

Bitcoin Volume in Venezuela Surging Amid Hyperinflation

So far, three Bitcoin exchanges have established themselves in Venezuela. SurBitcoin is by far the biggest, whereas Yabit and Cryptobuyer are relatively new on the scene. Bitcoin remains one ... Read More
Securities Exchange Commission

SEC: State Street Misled Custody Clients About Prices for Foreign Currency Exchange Trades

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that State Street Bank and Trust Company has agreed to pay $382.4 million in a global settlement for misleading mutual funds and ... Read More

Saudi Arabia warned financial assets may be drained within five years

The IMF has warned that regional economies could burn through their financial buffers within five years as they face a $700 billion deficit. The fund lowered its projection for ... Read More
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