EUR/USD is likely to breach 200-day SMA

Pair’s Outlook EUR/USD is still lacking momentum. From the upside the currency pair’s movements are restricted by the monthly S1, but there are also additional resistances represented by the ... Read More
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USD/JPY to challenge 101.27/00

Pair’s Outlook USD/JPY remains hesitant to commence a recovery. Instead it is weighed upon by the selling pressure, which forced the currency pair to decline below the 200-day SMA. ... Read More
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GBP/USD to try to reach 2009 highs

Pair’s Outlook The Pound continues to recover after an encounter with a cluster of supports around 1.6750. This demand area consists of the monthly pivot point, 55-day SMA and ... Read More

EUR/USD stays flat

Pair’s Outlook Neither the ceiling at 1.3725 nor the floor at 1.3686 seem to be willing to give in. However, considering that EUR/USD has recently confirmed the major down-trend ... Read More
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USD/JPY violated 200-day SMA

Pair’s Outlook The 200-day SMA, one of the supports seen capable of revitalising the bullish momentum, was breached yesterday. This exposed another important level, namely the 50% Fibo at ... Read More

GBP/USD backed up by 1.6742/29

Pair’s Outlook By rebounding from the rising support line at 1.6742/29, which is reinforced by the 55-day SMA, the Cable preserved its bullish outlook. At the same time the ... Read More

EUR/USD probes support at 1.3687/72

Pair’s Outlook EUR/USD stays directionless, as its movements are restricted by the tough levels from both sides. Should the currency pair try to recover, as suggested by the monthly ... Read More

USD/JPY contained by 102.35/10

Pair’s Outlook As suspected, USD/JPY failed to gain a foothold above 102.35/10, which is a necessary condition for the long-term sustainable recovery. But at the same time the currency ... Read More

GBP/USD headed towards up-trend support

Pair’s Outlook None of the nearest supports were able to negate the bearish momentum yesterday. Consequently, we are now left only with 1.6736/26 (55-day SMA and up-trend line) that ... Read More

EUR/USD faces 200-day SMA

Pair’s Outlook After a precipitous decline EUR/USD now finds itself trapped between two strong levels. From above the currency pair is capped by a combination of the up-trend line ... Read More
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