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Casting off the EU millstone

  In this article, we look at the implications of the new Johnson government: its strategy, the likely outcome of EU negotiations, and the golden opportunities to reform trade, ... Read More

The fiscal benefits of free trade

  The fiscal benefits of free trade Western governments have an overriding problem, and that is they have reached or exceeded the bounds of taxation, at a time when ... Read More

European Union and Norway agree on free trade of agricultural products

The European Union and Norway came to an agreement which will facilitate bilateral trade in agricultural products, allowing EU exporters to reinforce their position on their 8th largest export ... Read More
Inside BMW AG's Plant Ahead Of ISM Manufacturing Figures

Donald Trump Is Threatening to Slap a 35% Border Tax On BMWs Built In Mexico

President-elect Donald Trump has warned the United States will impose a border tax of 35% on cars that German carmaker BMW (BMWYY, -0.66%) plans to build at a new ... Read More

China Cut Tariffs On January 1

China introduced import and export duty changes from January 1 to boost innovation-driven development and put the country’s tariff structure “more in line with the needs of international trade ... Read More

Trade deals – a global issue

The annual Conservative Party conference commenced last Sunday, and the media focus was mostly about the Government’s stance on Brexit. This is hardly surprising, because Mrs May is being ... Read More
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EU To UK: No Free Trade A La Carte

“There will be no single market ‘á la carte'” for the UK when it leaves the European Union (EU), according to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council. Tusk ... Read More
EU USA trade talks

US, EU open free-trade talks in Miami

Senior negotiators on a huge transatlantic trade treaty opened new talks in Miami Monday aiming to close some differences on key issues between the United States and the European ... Read More

26 African countries unite for free trade

African leaders yesterday signed a potentially historic 26-country free-trade pact by creating a common market spanning half the continent from Cairo to Cape Town. The deal on the Tripartite ... Read More
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