AMF France introduced a new market surveillance

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), ever determined to remain at the forefront of detecting market abuse and other violations, is launching an effort to modernise its monitoring system, ... Read More
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South Korea prosecutor seeks arrest of Samsung boss

Prosecutors are seeking a warrant to arrest Samsung Group’s Jay Y. Lee for allegations including bribery and embezzlement, a stunning turn for the scion of South Korea’s richest family ... Read More

Credit Suisse Faces Tax Probe Over Undeclared Accounts

U.S. asks why bank didn’t reveal ‘toxic’ assets, people say Bank paid record fine in 2014 for helping Americans skirt IRS When Credit Suisse AG pleaded guilty in 2014 to helping ... Read More

Gold slides toward $1,200 as U.S. rate hike looks imminent

Gold prices came under renewed pressure on Friday, a day after Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said a U.S. interest-rate hike could come “relatively soon.” Yellen’s prepared comments to ... Read More

U.K. Court Puts Brexit in Hands of Parliament

A U.K. court put a hurdle in the country’s route out of the European Union, ruling that Prime Minister Theresa May can’t start the process without approval from Parliament. The High ... Read More

Airbnb may settle a lawsuit against New York state regarding a new law

Airbnb Inc. is in talks with New York officials about potentially settling a lawsuit the company filed last month against the state and city governments. The company is challenging ... Read More

13 Percent VAT Confirmed For Egypt

Egyptian lawmakers have agreed to the introduction of a value-added tax regime with a 13 percent headline rate from the 2016/17 fiscal year. The rate is to rise to ... Read More

Greece adopted a controversial package of pension cuts and tax hikes

Greek lawmakers late Sunday adopted a controversial package of pension cuts and tax hikes despite mass public opposition, bowing to creditor demands in a bid to unlock the next ... Read More

Apple Lambasts The FBI For Not Asking The Nsa To Help Hack That Iphone

IN THE SHOWDOWN between Apple and the Justice Department over an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooting suspects, one question has loomed large. Why hasn’t the FBI ... Read More

Brokers and Big Oil Fight Obama Rush to Make Rules by May Cutoff

Rules imposed on or after May 17 have higher risk of repeal Mandates touch on investment advice and workplace safety The Obama administration is in a mad rush to ... Read More
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