nergy future holdings bankruptcy

Energy Future Packs Three Courtrooms at First Hearing

It took three courtrooms to accommodate the lawyers, advisers and observers gathered for the first hearing in Energy Future Holdings Corp.’s bankruptcy in Wilmington, Delaware. That still left the ... Read More

The deep freeze – how are the Russia and Ukraine sanctions affecting offshore law firms?

With the impact of EU and US sanctions on Russia and Ukraine stretching far beyond the individuals targeted, Caroline Thorpe examines the effect on offshore jurisdictions, and how law ... Read More
law fees

Invesco Fined, EU Stress Test, Libor Charges: Compliance

Invesco Perpetual (IPE) was fined 18.6 million pounds ($31.3 million) for failing to comply with risk limits or tell clients about the use of derivatives as leverage in their ... Read More

Insider Convictions Seen Too Easy in Chiasson Appeal

What looks like insider trading to one federal judge might not rise to the level of a crime to another. Or, in the case of two hedge fund managers ... Read More

Hacker Andrew ‘Weev’ Auernheimer attempts to overturn conviction

Lawyers say conviction under Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is flawed and raises questions for civil liberties online Lawyers for hacker Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, who is serving a 41-month ... Read More
lawyers protest

More than 1,000 lawyers protest outside parliament at legal aid cuts

UK- More than 1,000 barristers and solicitors – many bearing placards declaring “Grayling must go” and accompanied by a giant, papier-mache effigy of the justice secretary – have protested ... Read More
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