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Contingent liabilities and non-performing loans in the EU Member States

Data on contingent liabilities and non-performing loans of EU governments for the year 2017 have been published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. This publication includes data ... Read More

Easier to get a loan and demand for loans increased for euro area firms and households

It became easier for euro area firms and households to borrow money in the second quarter of 2018 and demand for loans also increased. The negative impact of non-performing ... Read More

Some €70 bn in non performing loans ready to be ceded by Italy’s main banks

The European Commission, the OECD, Economy Minister Piercarlo Padoan, EBA President Andrea Enria, Bank of Italy Vice Governor Fabio Panetta, and the Fitch ratings agency. One after another, like ... Read More
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The Challenges for the Cypriot Economy for 2016

Assessing the current state of the Cypriot economy one could say that the year 2015 was undoubtedly another difficult year with several problems still remaining unresolved. One could also ... Read More

Creation of a “Bad” Bank

The banking sector in Cyprus has gone through radical transformation in the last few years following the disastrous events of March 2013. To a large extent, the sector has ... Read More

The Role of Securitization in Dealing with the Banking Problems

One of the main problems that our banking sector is facing is obviously the incredibly excessive amount of non-performing loans (NPLs) on our banks’ balance sheets that reached almost ... Read More
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