JAB Steps Up Coffee Challenge With $7.5 Billion Panera Deal

Krispy Kreme owner buys bakeries to take on Nestle, Starbucks Deal includes assumption of $340 million in Panera debt JAB Holding Co. agreed to buy Panera Bread Co. for about ... Read More

Starbucks is launching order and pay for items before arriving at their store

Starbucks is taking the next step toward evolving the digital customer experience by launching voice ordering capabilities within the Starbucks mobile iOS app and the popular Amazon Alexa platform. These ... Read More
tax haven

EU accused US of ‘acting like a tax haven’

US accused of ‘acting like a tax haven’ for threatening retaliation against Brussels’ anti-trust investigations into Apple, Amazon and Starbucks The US has been accused of “behaving like a ... Read More

Lawsuit against Starbucks latte to go ahead

Starbucks has been hit with a lawsuit for allegedly cheating customers out of their full caffeine fix by under-filling lattes. A judge in San Fransisco has given the green ... Read More

A lawsuit filed against Starbucks

What do you do when you’ve ordered a Starbucks iced coffee that you think is watered down with too much ice? A) Return the drink and ask for less ice. B) ... Read More

Google tax deal labelled ‘derisory’, as criticism grows

An agreement for US firm Google to pay £130m in UK back taxes has been labelled as “derisory” and a “sweetheart deal” by critics. The payment covers money owed ... Read More

EU says Starbucks’ Dutch tax deal may be illegal

A deal between Starbucks Corp’s (SBUX.O) and Dutch authorities may be illegal state aid as it allows the world’s biggest coffee chain to make payments on a lower corporate income tax ... Read More

Starbucks buys Japanese partner

US coffee chain Starbucks is buying out its Japanese partner in a deal worth $914m (£559m). Starbucks Japan has been a joint venture between Starbucks and Sazaby League since ... Read More
European leaders

Three large multinationals under pricing investigations

The European Commission has launched an investigation into the transfer pricing arrangements of three large multinationals about how they’re treated in three countries. The companies are Apple in Ireland, ... Read More
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