Elliott wave analysis: AUDUSD and NZDUSD Turning Bearish

AUDUSD is currently recovering, however in an overlapping fashion, which suggest a corrective recovery to be in play. We are looking at a wave 4) of a higher degree, ... Read More

Interesting pattern on USD/CHF points higher – Elliott wave analysis

On the weekly chart of USD/CHF, we can see that price was for the last five years making a sideways, and overlapping price activity; an Elliott wave running triangle ... Read More
intra-day eurgbp

GOLD and EURGBP Intra-day look – Elliott wave analysis

Gold is in an uptrend, now unfolding a final five-wave move within a wave 5, which can face a top in the near future. Wave 5 is also an ... Read More

Elliott wave analysis: USDCAD In a Bullish trend

USDCAD may have ended a three-wave, A)-B)-C) correction within a bigger wave 2 at the 1.294 level, from where a new rise started developing. Rise is sharp and impulsive, ... Read More
nzdusd d

NZDUSD (KIWI) Taking The Bearish Road – Elliott wave analysis

NZDUSD is in a clear, bearish pattern down from 0.674 high, now trading in the middle of an impule. We labelled waves 1-2 and 3 already completed, so latest ... Read More
intraday cadjpy

Stocks and XXX/JPY Looking for A Final Rally Higher – Elliott wave analysis

Stocks are back at the highs as expected, after we identified latest retracement as a corrective leg. Ideally the German DAX and SP500 futures are now in their fifth ... Read More

Bitcoin Can Be Finishing A Five-Wave Cycle

  BITCOIN (BTCUSD) is approaching very important and psychological 10k target area and what is very interesting is that from the Elliott wave perspective, it is clearly finishing five ... Read More
usdjpy 4 hours

The daily and 4h view of USDJPY

  USDJPY is trading in a bigger triangle correction on the daily chart and is ending a leg D with its three sub-waves. We see a possibly completed sub-wave ... Read More

GBPUSD Looking Bearish in 2020 (video) – Elliott wave

GBPUSD pair can be ending a triangle correction within the wave B). Potential resistance/turning point area for leg E can be at the upper side of the upper triangle ... Read More
gbp 4

Bulls On GBPUSD Can Soon Slow Down! – Elliott Wave analysis

  The most probable scenario for the GBPUSD pair can be an expanding triangle correction within the wave B), with price currently unfolding its final leg E. Potential resistance/turning ... Read More
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