Facebook gives lawmakers 450 pages of answers from April hearings 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Inc. turned in more than 450 pages of homework to U.S. lawmakers, defending itself against claims that it is a monopoly and sidestepping questions about the effectiveness of an app that can effectively spy on competitors.

In documents released Monday, Facebook responded to more than 2,000 questions posed to Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg by members of U.S. Senate and House committees when he testified in April. The material is granular in places and sometimes evasive, and delivered no apparent bombshells.

In the responses, which took Facebook two months to compile, the social networking giant emphasized that it is learning from its mistakes and giving users more control over their information. Facebook also provided more detail about the information it collects on users, including the battery level on their devices and computer mouse movements.

The company deflected questions that probed at Facebook’s increasing market power and influence in the world.

Source: MarketWatch – Facebook gives lawmakers 450 pages of answers from April hearings

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