Elliott wave Analysis: German DAX and Bund Update 

intraday bund

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These days we have to keep an eye on stock market as indexes are trading around those January/February 2018 low, that can play a very important role regarding the next move. I assume that bounce may occur, at least temporary if we consider an Christmas and Holiday season. Also, despite very strong drop on US stocks we do not see any acceleration lower on DAX. There is still very nice path with a five wave decline in a wedge shape that can suggests a bottom soon but remains unconfirmed until you see five waves from the low.

German DAX, 1h

intraday dax

Bund is also very important regarding stocks and euro. If Bund will turn lower from current wave C then EURUSD may accelerate higher and stocks find a support, especially if bulls on 10 year notes will slow down here.

BUND, 4h

intraday bund


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By Gregor Horvat

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