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USD Index Preparing for A Turn Lower? Early Weakness Gives a Hint – ELLIOTT WAVE

USD Index is trading bullish from end of 2017. We labelled a five-wave recovery from the lows, with the final piece of this rise being an Elliott wave ending ... Read More
snp 4

S&P500 Above the 3000 Mark – Elliott Wave Analysis

S&P500 made clear five waves from the 2321 level, where a bigger corrective wave IV) as part of a bigger cycle had ended. These five waves were later followed ... Read More
intraday bund

Elliott wave Analysis: German DAX and Bund Update

These days we have to keep an eye on stock market as indexes are trading around those January/February 2018 low, that can play a very important role regarding the ... Read More
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Bulls Pushing AUDUSD Into a Bullish Cycle, while S&P500 Trading in A Correction – Elliott wave Analysis

Aussie can be trading in a three-wave recovery from the lows, with current rally from the 0.719 level representing sub-wave 1 as part of a bigger leg C). Leg ... Read More
weekly dax

Weekly Pattern On Dax Shows Room For 14k-15k

Dax is trading lower or sideways I should say since 2018, and at the moment it is in strong negative correlation with SP500 if we consider that US stocks ... Read More
intraday audusd

S&P500 and AUSSIE Intra-day Analysis

Stocks moved nicely to the upside like we expected with E-mini S&P500 futures moving to 2800 while Dax is now filling the gap for wave B about we talked ... Read More
intraday nzdusd

Nasdaq and NZDUSD Intra-day Looks – Elliott wave Analysis

As expected, Nasdaq is still looking for more weakness since we have seen a sharp drop from 7130 resistance level. Currently can be consolidating before a continuation lower towards ... Read More
sp intraday

German DAX and S&P500 Looking for A Drop

German DAX can be trading at the end of a bigger, five-wave impulse labelled as wave 5. Wave 5 has already unfolded five of its legs, meaning a bearish ... Read More
sp vs 10 year

Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 and 10 Year US notes Update

Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 and 10 Year US notes Update We can see a nice recovery on stocks for the last 24 hours with E-mini S&P500 moving back into ... Read More

Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 and EURUSD Update

  Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 and EURUSD Update S&P500 can be trading at the end of a bigger wave 3 that is part of a downtrend. As we look ... Read More
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