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Elliott wave Analysis: EURGBP and USD Index

Overall euro is trying to recover, so we are observing some of bullish developments against weak currencies like pound. There was a nice pop-up in price in the last ... Read More
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Elliott wave Analysis: EURJPY and GBPUSD Update

    EURJPY is turning down from 129.22 level, but in overlapping fashion which gives us thinking that maybe wave 1 is unfolding an Elliott wave leading diagonal which ... Read More
Oil Prices, A worker checks the valve of an oil pipe at Lukoil company owned Imilorskoye oil field outside the Siberian city of Kogalym

As Oil Plunges, Energy Junk Bonds Turn Dangerous — Again

      Back in 2104 oil was falling and hundreds of billions of dollars of energy junk bonds and leveraged loans looked to be at risk. Wolf Street ... Read More
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Elliott Wave Analysis: EURJPY, Crude oil and USDCAD Intra-day Movements

Probably the most interesting pair for JPY trade is EURJPY which is rolling down in five waves from 130.00. It’s a nice looking wave structure that also took price ... Read More
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Prices When Gold Is Money

  We are getting ahead of ourselves here. Gold does not circulate as money – yet. It might never do so. Perhaps the end of government currency, fiat money ... Read More
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Elliott wave Analysis: Bears on EURAUD Taking Over

EURAUD is falling strongly from 1.636 high, suggesting that a bigger bullish cycle found a top, and that a new minimum three-wave reversal to the downside is in play. ... Read More
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Gold Is Becoming Cool Again

The sentiment shift is still subtle, but it’s both real and widespread. After a few years of being ignored and/or dismissed as basically useless, gold is cool again, attracting ... Read More
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Elliott wave Analysis: GOLD and German DAX Update

Gold has turned nicely to the upside at the end of September, after a full completion of a corrective wave B which found a base at the 1180 level. ... Read More

The biggest of big pictures

  I have had a request from Mrs Macleod to write down in simple terms what on earth is going on in the world, and why is it that ... Read More
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Last week was just a taste of the coming gold short squeeze

The gold and silver futures markets got even more unbalanced last week, with speculators (who are usually wrong at the extremes) going as short as they’ve ever been and ... Read More
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