Impact Tech Ltd

Company Name:Impact Tech LtdYear founded:2016
Country: Cyprus Contact Person:Anthony Papaevagorou
Address:Troodous 20, Agios Athanasios, 4100 Limassol, Cyprus
Phone:+357 22 051 945Fax:+357 22 051 945
CEO:George LarkouNo. of employees:70

Company Overview

ImpacTech creates Business Intelligence solutions. It provides every tool, service and support mechanism to help a business grow. The solutions integrate seamlessly, are cost effective and easy to use.

The cutting-edge CRM integrates easily with MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. It’s scalable and flexible enough to support most industries including banking, gaming and even Fantasy Basketball League.

ImpacTech’s White Label brokerage solution brings together the world’s most popular trading platforms with the added benefits of mobile trading, automated trading and a robust security system. The solution comes with proprietary tools and complimentary software bundles.
The Marketing Tools offer proven, cost-effective, branded lead generation with higher conversions. They enable a business to engage with clients and prospects across every channel, collecting data and identifying triggers to personalise the customer journey.

ImpacTech’s Telecom solution offers business-optimized, pay as you go VoIP communication. It integrates seamlessly with the CRM solution to add more value to the client journey. It also represents an exceptional stand-alone solution with many desirable features.

Marketing automation Generate organic, branded leads as clients and prospects connect with touchpoints.

AI & predictive analytics Targeted machine learning solutions based on a business’s unique data.

Real-time reporting Real-time analytics and notifications to reach out to every customer at the right time.

Mobile apps Custom built apps that put a business in the pockets and handbags of customers.

Brokerage tools Every tool a brokerage needs to succeed. Integrated liquidity providers, PSPs, bridges, data feeds, trading signals and educational resources.

WordPress plugins Custom-built functionality for websites to service clients efficiently and effectively.

Educational tools Increase client engagement and promote brand awareness through webinars, seminars, tutorials and articles.



Services: Application Programming Interface (API) Integration, Asset Allocation/Management Software, Automated Trading Systems, Back Office Software, Customer Relationship and Management (CRM) Software, Enterprise Resource Management Software, Order Aggregation, STP/ECN Bridge Technology, Telephony / VOIP Providers, White Label Solutions



Interview Title: Anthony Papaevagorou joins ImpacTech as Sales Director
Interview Date: 19-04-2018
Interview Link:
Interview Description: ImpacTech hires Anthony Papaevagorou after eight years at MetaQuotes 

ImpacTech are pleased to welcome Anthony Papaevagorou as our new Sales Director with immediate effect.  

Anthony Papaevagorou brings more than 10 years industry experience and will play a significant role in delivering our Business Intelligence solutions. He spent the last 3 years as Head of Sales at MetaQuotes managing the company's entire sales operations.  

Mr Papaevagorou's arrival at ImpacTech is our latest veteran hire. In his new role as Sales Director, Mr Papaevagorou will be based at our Limassol office in Cyprus. 

He disclosed what attracted him to ImpacTech: "From the moment ImpacTech collaborates with a client, we're invested in the success of their business." 

Anthony's experience and knowledge will help us deliver our outstanding CRM solution to a wider audience. Impact CRM offers out-of-the-box integration and scalability to grow as your business grows. It's compatible with MT4/MT5 platforms and has been developed to accommodate future platforms. 

Moreover, Mr Papaevagorou will also play an instrumental role in developing ImpacTech's White Label brokerage solution. Our tailor-made, turnkey brokerage solution provides every tool necessary for success.  
Anthony was particularly impressed with our Marketing Tools. We have added technology and automation to increase the effectiveness of a company’s marketing strategy.
Even before he joined us, Anthony had experienced our award-winning, cloud-based VoIP telecom solution. He’d witnessed its capability as a stand-alone solution but has now seen how impressively it integrates with the CRM. 

Visit our website at to read about all our other products and services in more detail. 
Furthermore, we are also proud to announce that our company will be Gold Sponsor of iFX Expo 2018 in Limassol, Cyprus. You can visit ImpacTech at booth 96-97 on May 22 – 24. 

Press Releases

Description: ImpacTech to Help Brokers Boost Results by Exploring Valuable, Untapped Data
As the iFXExpo opens its doors, ImpacTech prepares to let brokers in on a few secrets in its “Big Data in the FinTech Era Workshop”!
ImpacTech, the Limassol-headquartered FinTech developer and integrator, has announced that its CEO, George Larkou, will be hosting a unique workshop at the iFXExpo. Entitled “Big Data in the FinTech Era”, the workshop will explore how brokers can leverage the massive amounts of data their businesses generate each day, but never use to their advantage.
George Larkou, CEO of ImpacTech commented, “The prospect of helping brokers use their unexplored data to significantly boost their results is central to product development here at ImpacTech. That’s why everything from our cutting-edge ImpactCRM and Telecom Solutions to our Marketing and Brokerage Tools have been developed to give brokers the ability to get the most out their data.   
“In my “Big Data in the FinTech Era” workshop,  I’ll explain how you can maximise your sales by tapping into one of your most valuable resources - your data! We’ve already received plenty of interest about the workshop and I’m looking forward to seeing plenty of iFXExpo attendees on the day!”
This year’s iFXExpo looks set to be more successful than ever before due to tech advances that are likely to take the industry by storm and FinTech frontrunner, ImpacTech, is one company to keep a close eye on.
ImpacTech aims to change the way brokers do business and the company boasts a suite of custom-built services to meet the specific needs of both new and existing brokers. With a Total Brokerage Solution that is low-cost, yet ultra high tech, ImpacTech is committed to enabling brokers to go to market faster, streamline their sales and retention processes, and optimise client experience, boosting conversions and deposits.
ImpacTech’s “Big Data in the FinTech Era” Workshop is scheduled to take place on 25th May 2017 at 12:45 pm at the iFXExpo!

ImpacTech are gold sponsor at iFX EXPO 2018

We'll present our Business Intelligence solutions including Impact CRM, White Label brokerage, Marketing Tools and telecom solution.
ImpacTech are proud to announce that we are gold sponsors at this year’s iFX EXPO in Limassol (May 22-24). We'll be presenting our innovative CRM solution and our turnkey White Label brokerage solution. We’ll also demonstrate our effective Marketing Tools and VoIP telecom solution.
Our CRM offers out-of-the-box integration and has built-in relationships for MT4 and MT5 platforms. It integrates with 250 payment providers, compliance services, telecom solutions as well as education and signals providers.
We also offer a turnkey brokerage solution with MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, which comes with every tool needed. Multiple liquidity providers, bridges, data feeds, trading signals and educational resources for all traders.
We'll also demonstrate our Marketing Tools. They offer proven, cost-effective, branded lead generation with higher conversions.
A brokerage’s phone bill usually comes a close second to staffing costs. We've developed a business-optimised pay as you go VoIP based solution that guarantees the lowest call rates.
We'll also present a workshop which will be of interest to brokerages. Presented by our Sales Director, Mr Papaevagorou, it's entitled: “How Big Data and AI can help smaller companies compete with bigger rivals in today’s market place”.
Many companies are facing up to the challenge how to best use their data. Every brokerage knows that successful use of their data forms an essential part of a brokerage’s growth strategy.
“Finding cost-effective ways to monetise a brokerage’s data is something I’m always asked about,” explained Anthony.
The workshop will be at the expo on May 23 at 3.15pm.
We are also hosting this year’s night party on May 23 at Guaba Beach Bar and have some exciting giveaways. There'll be a Bitcoin raffle as well as another great prize on offer.

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