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EU considers tax, emissions trading for carbon border plan

The European Union has laid out options for designing its plan to impose charges on imports of some goods to try to protect EU industry from being undercut by ... Read More
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EU Member States agree to defer start date of e-commerce VAT rules

EU Member State representatives on Coreper (the Permanent Representatives Committee) today reached a preliminary agreement to extend by six months the start date of the EU’s new VAT regime ... Read More
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U.S. opens new investigations into countries planning digital taxes

The United States is stepping up pressure on other countries over negotiations for a digital services tax, opening new probes into nations planning higher duties on tech giants. The ... Read More
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Europe: A new corporate tax could raise €10 billion a year

A new corporate tax could raise €10 billion a year to help fund stimulus plans while amounting to less than 0.2% of turnover of large companies that benefit from ... Read More
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EU defers e-commerce VAT package in light Of COVID-19

The EU will postpone the entry into force of its VAT e-commerce package and will defer certain filing deadlines under the administrative cooperation directives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ... Read More
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VAT exemption thresholds in Europe

Countries around the world have been introducing various fiscal measures to counteract the economic distress caused by COVID-19. One measure—among many others—has been to make changes to Value-Added Taxes ... Read More
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EU puts Cayman Islands on tax haven blacklist

The European Union has added the Cayman Islands, a UK overseas territory, to its tax havens blacklist. It joins Oman, Fiji and Vanuatu, which have also been accused of ... Read More
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Tax revenues have reached a plateau

Tax revenues in advanced economies reached a plateau during 2018, with almost no change seen since 2017, according to new OECD research. This ends the trend of annual increases ... Read More
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Parliament keeps up pressure to tax digital economy more fairly

MEPs press EU to engage fully in international efforts to tax the digital economy, while still being prepared to act at EU level if global plans fail. As international ... Read More
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Plan for an EU financial transaction tax of 0.2 pct

The plans drawn up by German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz for a new financial transaction tax in 10 European Union states, provide for a tax of 0.2 percent of ... Read More
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