Blockchain Technology


Bitcoin down 77 per cent in the past month; alt-coins follow

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has dropped 77 per cent over the past 30-days as the market responds to sharp falls in the global financial markets. Alt-coins (digital assets launched after ... Read More
Blockchain technology

Blockchain communities from Africa and Asia will unite in 2020

The adoption of blockchain technology in pretty much all aspects of our lives seems to be growing each year. Thus, the newly-announced partnership between Quras, a smart contract platform ... Read More

China prepares to launch its own digital currency as Facebook’s Libra languishes

China is moving closer to releasing the world’s first government-backed digital currency. Li Wei, the head of technology for the People’s Bank of China, the central bank, said on ... Read More

The tiny nation that is creating its own digital currency

An isolated island nation in the Pacific Ocean with a population of about 75,000 continues to break ground in the cryptocurrency space. The Marshall Islands is proceeding with the ... Read More
Blockchain technology

Seven EU Countries established the “Mediterranean seven” group to promote blockchain

Countries around the world are starting to recognize the value that blockchain technology brings to the table regarding not only its potential to improve governance and the delivery of ... Read More
initial coin offering

Two Initial Coin Offering issuers settle registration charges

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced settled charges against two companies that sold digital tokens in initial coin offerings (ICOs). These are the Commission’s first cases imposing civil ... Read More

Online lawyers to offer ‘smart contracts’; Blockchain technology to be used

Smart contracts for everyday legal transactions will use blockchain technology as legal and blockchain providers join forces. Online legal services pioneer Rocket Lawyer has announced plans to offer its ... Read More

5 Tips to Buying Bitcoin in Canada

With over a million dollars’ worth of volume bought and sold every day, Bitcoin remains one of the hottest digital assets traded by millions of speculators from all over ... Read More
Blockchain technology

Law firms join blockchain platform

A group of top law firms have joined forces with an enterprise software company including Baker & McKenzie and Clifford Chance. A software firm R3 has launched the Legal ... Read More

What You Need To Know About Digital Currency Security

Last year, the value of the major cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin, increased by over 2,000%, leading many investors to believe that digital currencies were truly the investment asset class ... Read More
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