Bitcoin Guru Anthony Di Iorio departs Canada’s TSX to focus on Jaxx wallet 

Jaxx wallet

Bitcoin Guru Anthony Di Iorio, founder of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada and a co-founder of Ethereum and the first chief digital officer of TMX Group Ltd’s Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), has left the exchange. The reason behind his departure is that he wants to devote more time to his blockchain-based venture, Reuters reported.

According to the Di Iorio’s interview over the phone to Reuters, he joined Canada’s largest stock exchange in January 2016 and left in September in order to focus on Jaxx wallet. He also said that he does not know who his replacement at TSX is.

“Jaxx really started taking off over the past months, and that’s really where my passion is,” Di Iorio said, as reported by Reuters. “I prioritize the things that are really important to me, and that’s the No. 1 thing.”

Di Iorio said he and TSX parted on good terms and his inclusion in the exchange came as stock exchanges were embracing blockchain technology.  However, he did not discuss on the stock exchange’s future plans with regard to the distributed ledger technology.

Earlier this year in January, the Australian stock exchange revealed that it has enlisted a blockchain startup to develop a new trade settlement system. Following that, Nasdaq said that it was developing a blockchain-based shareholder voting system for its Estonian stock exchange.

Source: Econo Times

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