cTrader Update for Windows and Web 


Spotware Systems announce delivery of cTrader version 2.01 for Windows. The new build has been delivered to all cTrader brokers and the update will automatically initiate next time the platform is launched by any user. For cTrader Web users, the new version is available immediately from any popular browser.

The cTrader Windows update includes two improvements to further enhance the MarketWatch changes that were applied in the previous release of cTrader 2.0 which saw a complete overhaul of the user interface to modernize the entire application.

Firstly, users can choose how they interact with a symbol ticker inside the MarketWatch by selecting what happens with a single click, a double click and a click and drag motion. Each click method can be assigned to a different action.

Secondly, inside the symbol info-window and info-panel the chart element can be repositioned along with the rest of the sections. The symbol info window and panel contains all of the information that is available about a symbol.

“Following our previous update we received a lot of feedback from traders on how we could make the MarketWatch section even better and more useful for more people. By adding preferences we allow traders to decide exactly how they want the platform to work for them.” Added James Glyde, Chief Commercial Officer at Spotware.

cTrader Web now includes the same fresh look and feel as cTrader for Windows, aligning Web and Desktop even closer.

About Spotware:

Spotware Systems is a neutral financial technology provider offering comprehensive eFX STP and CFD solutions for brokers, banks and their clients. Spotware are best known for their flagship NDD and STP trading platform, cTrader. Spotware provides an easily integrated PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution to brokers, banks, and other financial services firms looking to implement and offer manual, algorithmic and mirror NDD eFX & CFD trading with a complete backend management system.

Contact Spotware: marketing@spotware.com

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