The Top Exporters and Importers of eggs in the European Union 

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In 2016, the 28 Member States of the European Union (EU) exported a total €960 million worth of eggs. Trade between Member States (intra-EU exports) accounted for over 90% (€866 million) of the total value of eggs exported, while the exports of eggs to countries located outside the EU were worth around €95 million.

Eggs exported within the EU came mainly from the Netherlands

The Netherlands exported eggs to other EU Member States worth €347 million in 2016, representing 40% of the total value of intra-EU exports of eggs. This made it the largest egg exporter of all EU Member States, ahead of Poland (€181 million, 21%), Germany (€135 million, 16%) and Belgium (€51 million, 6%).


In 2016, Germany was the main importer of eggs exported from other Member States. Eggs from the EU worth €369 million were exported to Germany (43% of total intra-EU exports of eggs). The Netherlands was the second largest recipient of EU exported eggs (€176 million, 20%). Other major destinations within the EU were Belgium (€58 million, 7%), the United Kingdom (€34 million, 4%), Italy and France (both around €28 million, 3%) and the Czech Republic (€26 million, 3%).

Switzerland was the main destination for exports outside the EU (receiving €34 million worth of eggs in 2016, or 36% of total extra-EU exports of eggs). Switzerland was followed by the United Arab Emirates (€15 million, 15%), Israel (€6 million, 6%), Sierra Leone (€4 million, 5%) and Mauritania (nearly €4 million, 4%).

Source: eurostat – Trade in eggs in the EU

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