EU-US trade balance 2019

EU-US trade in goods: €153 billion surplus in 2019

In 2019, the United States was the largest partner for EU exports of goods (18% of total extra-EU exports) and second largest for EU imports of goods (12% of ... Read More

How bread and cereals prices vary across the EU

In 2018, the price of bread and cereals across the European Union (EU) was more than three times as high in the most expensive Member State than in the ... Read More
Europe labor costs

Hourly labour costs rose in the euro area; The two main components of labour costs

Hourly labour costs rose by 2.3% in the euro area (EA19) and by 2.8% in the EU28 in the fourth quarter of 2018, compared with the same quarter of ... Read More
Employee welds the exterior of a vehicle along a production line at a factory in Qingdao

Industrial production down by 0.9% in euro area

In December 2018 compared with November 2018, seasonally adjusted industrial production fell by 0.9% in the euro area (EA19) and by 0.5% in the EU28, according to estimates from ... Read More

Contingent liabilities and non-performing loans in the EU Member States

Data on contingent liabilities and non-performing loans of EU governments for the year 2017 have been published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. This publication includes data ... Read More

International trade in services: EU surplus up to over €190 bn

The European Union (EU) surplus in trade in services, which had fallen between 2013 and 2016, increased to €191.8 bn in 2017. This is the result of EU exports ... Read More
EU investments

Business investment rate up to 23.3% in the euro area

Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, has published a report in relation to the business investment rate in the euro area for the third quarter of 2018. ... Read More

How much are households in Europe spending on food?

Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, published stats showing how much people of the European countries are spending on food. In 2017, households in the European Union ... Read More

Households in Europe spent over €1.1 trillion on transport

In 2017, households in the European Union (EU) spent 13.0% of their total consumption expenditure on transport. This represents a total expenditure of over €1.1 trillion, equivalent to 7.1% ... Read More
A woman pulls a shopping cart inside a shop where all products are sold at the price of one euro in Athens

Volume of retail trade unchanged in euro area; In Ireland, Latvia and Estonia the highest increases

In September 2018 compared with August 2018, the seasonally adjusted volume of retail trade remained unchanged in the euro area (EA19) and decreased by 0.1% in the EU28, according ... Read More
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