AUDJPY Is Looking Bullish – Elliott wave analysis 

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AUDJPY is trading bullish, up from March of 2020. We specifically see a completed five-wave cycle in wave A) at the 78.44 level, which was then followed by a probable completed corrective wave B), at the 73.12 level. Price did almost reach the area of a former wave 4, which can in many cases become support. That said, our first evidence that a wave B) is completed and more upside awaits can be an impulsive rise from the 73.12 level, and a break above the upper corrective channel line, connected from the highs.

In case we only get a three-wave move from the 73.12 level, and later a new sharp decline towards the 72.5 zone, then this would suggest corrective wave B) to still be underway, and bulls to be temporarily on hold.

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On the 4h chart of AUDJPY we have a better look at the impulsive structure from the 73.11 level. We see a completed five-wave recovery in wave 1, and a possibly completed wave 2 at the 75.38 level. Latest price recovery can now be part of a higher degree wave 3, which is also an impulse, therefore five legs within it are expected.


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By Gregor Horvat

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