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A primer for gold newbies

  The purpose of this article is purely educational. Increasingly, the wider public is turning to gold in a spontaneous reaction to financial and economic problems that have become ... Read More
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Coronavirus: Call for single EU tracking app with data protection

Europe’s data protection watchdog has called for a single coronavirus app to be used across the EU, instead of every country making its own. Several countries are developing tracking ... Read More
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VAT exemption thresholds in Europe

Countries around the world have been introducing various fiscal measures to counteract the economic distress caused by COVID-19. One measure—among many others—has been to make changes to Value-Added Taxes ... Read More

The US Dollar has risen in value this year

The COVID-19 outbreak in the United States has caused millions of people to lose their jobs and brought the economy to its knees but it has not dethroned the ... Read More

Coronavirus is pushing U.S. consumers to contactless payments

Contactless cards are a potential refuge for consumers who fear plastic and cash are carrying COVID-19. The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has drawn attention to the safety and ... Read More

Emerging Asia’s best currencies become worst amid virus woes

The exact same factors that propelled the Indonesian rupiah and Thai baht to the top of the Asian pack in 2019 are dragging them lower now. The two currencies ... Read More
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How criminals profit from the COVID-19 pandemic

Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, has published a report about the latest developments of COVID-19 on the criminal landscape in the EU. In accordance with the Europol’s ... Read More
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European stocks rise as Chinese factories see coronavirus rebound

European stocks rose on Tuesday after stronger-than-expected industrial data from China raised hopes that the world’s second-largest economy could stage a swift recovery from the coronavirus crisis. The pan-European ... Read More
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Gold Is Now “Unobtanium”

The Wall Street Journal just published the kind of article gold bugs dream of seeing in the mainstream press. Here’s an excerpt: “Coronavirus Sparks a Global Gold Rush Epic ... Read More
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The dollar rises against major currencies and riskier emerging markets

The dollar snapped a week of declines on Monday, rising against major currencies and riskier emerging markets as investors braced for a prolonged period of uncertainty while governments tightened ... Read More
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