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The Housing Bubble Is Back

Last week I ran into a friend whom I’d been worrying about. He’s a real estate appraiser and his work had been drying up as interest rates rose and ... Read More

America’s financial war strategy

America’s renewed desire to escalate military tensions is a front for America’s continual financial war, this time directed at North Korea, Syria and possibly Iran. This is likely to ... Read More
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Real Estate Stocks Continue To Rebound

Foreign and US real estate stocks extended March’s rally into the first week of April, generating the top performances among the major asset classes last week, based on a ... Read More

Soaring Global Debt Sets Stage For “Unprecedented Private Deleveraging”

    The UK’s Telegraph just published an analysis of global debt that pretty much sums up the coming crisis. Here’s an excerpt with a couple of the more ... Read More
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Where the majority of EU population live? flats or houses

House or flat: where do you live? In 2015, 42% of the EU population lived in flats and 57% in houses. The share of persons living in flats was ... Read More

BREXIT BEGINS: What could happen to Pound, house prices

As the UK hits the Article 50 trigger The Sun take a look at what could happen to the pound, house prices and interest rates : AS Brexit begins ... Read More

The Upcoming Trade War Between The U.S. And China Will Be The Biggest In The History Of The Planet

The United States and China are the two largest economies in the world by far, and the upcoming trade war that is about to erupt will be cataclysmic for ... Read More
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Can state spending ever be cut?

President Trump was elected on several promises, including one that he would fund tax cuts by cutting public spending. Cynics might note that his first action was to increase ... Read More

This shows how unequal is the income among population in European countries

The top 20 % of the population in European countries, those with the highest equivalised disposable income, received 5.2 times as much income as the bottom 20 %. Data ... Read More

You can’t imagine how much every person in the world “owe” for the global debt

$21,714 For Every Man, Woman And Child In The World – This Global Debt Bomb Is Ready To Explode According to the International Monetary Fund, global debt has grown ... Read More
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