Poll Results: What do you trade more? (Poll Closed October 15) 

Poll What do you trade more

On October 15 closed the poll on www.onestopbrokers.com where you have shared your opinion about “What do you trade more?”.

Investors are using different financial instruments to create their investment portfolio focusing to maximise their profits and minimise the risk. Advanced software and online trading gives the opportunity to people, to trade in many options like Forex, Binary Options, Stocks.

Please find below the results:

Poll: What do you trade more?


a) Forex                   58.3%
b) Binary Options    19.4%
c) Other                   22.2%

Poll What do you trade more


Thanks for voting and shared your opinion.

New Poll
As from 15/10/2015 to 15/11/2015, a new poll is on www.onestopbrokers.com and you are welcome to share your opinion and see what other people believe about: On what is better to invest?

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