Poll Results: On what is better to invest? (Poll Closed February 19) 

Poll on what is better to invest close Feb 19

On February 19 closed the poll on www.onestopbrokers.com where you have shared your opinion about ‘On what is better to invest?’.

Investors are always looking the best investments base their objective to design their portfolio.

The increased volatility in the global economy, drive people in general, to look different investment options in order to place their money where they believe will have an increase of their capital.

You have voted and according the poll results, between invest in Gold, Oil, Stocks and investments in Green Energy, you believe that is better to invest in Gold. As a second option, invest in Stocks is better than invest in Green Energy and Oil, where invest in oil is the worst option from those four.

You can find news for Gold, Oil, Stocks and Green Energy by clicking on Gold, Oil, Stocks, Green Energy.

Please find below the results:

Poll: On what is better to invest?


a) Gold:                    49.5%
b) Oil:                       11.6%
c) Stocks:                 22.1%
d) Green Energy:     16.8%

Poll on what is better to invest close Feb 19


Thanks for voting and shared your opinion.

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