Corporate Tax


Bank of Israel to cut VAT, corporate taxes to buoy economy

Israel will cut corporate and value-added taxes to help boost economic growth after it collected more tax than expected in recent months, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday. ... Read More

The Rules: Forcing companies to disclose tax strategy risks confidentiality issues

A “legislative requirement” for large businesses to publish their tax strategy could create commercial confidentiality risks In an age where large corporates continue to engage in tax avoidance or ... Read More

Global tax changes could undermine UK tax competitiveness

Changes to the way international companies pay tax could undermine Britain’s tax competitiveness, EY survey of finance and tax professionals finds Impending changes to the way international companies pay tax ... Read More
India Tax Rate

India To Cut Corporate Tax Rate By Five Percent

In his 2015 Budget speech, India’s Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, set out his roadmap for accelerating growth and enhancing prospects for investment, including plans for a five percent cut ... Read More
luxembourg leaks

Luxembourg Agrees to Share Details of Corporate Tax Deals

Luxembourg agreed Thursday to share with the European Commission information on tax deals secured by multinational companies with operations in the small nation. Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s prime minister, said ... Read More

Tax Reform Not Included In Obama, Congress Meeting

While there had been some hope of immediate moves towards United States corporate tax reform after the mid-term election results, the first joint meeting on November 7 between President ... Read More

Ireland Considers changes on Corporate Tax

Multinational companies are bracing for their last serving of the “Double Irish.” Ireland is expected on Tuesday to announce changes to its tax code that could eventually close one ... Read More
tax avoidance

Tax Tactics Threaten Public Funds

When the European Commission charged this week that Ireland’s sweetheart tax treatment of Apple amounted to an illegal corporate subsidy, the company said that it had done nothing wrong. ... Read More

Drug patents held overseas can pare makers’ tax bills

As the Obama administration tries to stop companies from avoiding taxes by moving their headquarters overseas, the makers of some of the world’s most lucrative and expensive medicines are ... Read More

Illegal Irish corporate tax deals for Apple

Preliminary findings of an investigation into tax deals have found Apple Inc.(AAPL.O) being accused of benefiting from illicit state aid in Ireland after striking illegal deals with Irish authorities and will ... Read More
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