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Europe plans new directive on corporate tax

The European Commission plans to propose a new directive to ensure “uniform implementation across all European Union member states” of any deal on international rules for corporate taxation. The ... Read More

IMF recommends lower, broader Corporate Tax for Luxembourg

Further corporate tax reforms may be needed to Luxembourg’s tax regime for foreign companies if it is to maintain its appeal while responding to international tax initiatives, the International ... Read More

Italy gets Google to pay $335 million in tax arrears

Google has buckled again under government pressure and agreed to pay millions in back taxes in Europe. Italy’s tax agency confirmed that Google (GOOGL, Tech30) would pay €306 million ... Read More

Switzerland launched a new tax reform proposal

The steering body comprised of members from the Confederation and the cantons has completed a first round of hearings on tax proposal 17 with political parties, cities, communes, churches ... Read More

EU to battle corporate tax scams

European Union finance ministers have agreed on new measures to close some tax loopholes that have enabled multinational companies operating in both EU and non-EU countries to avoid paying ... Read More

Dutch Parties Likely To Increase Company Tax Burden

While most of the political parties expected to form the next governing coalition in the Netherlands have pledged to reduce the overall tax burden by 2021, the tax burden ... Read More
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Switzerland to vote on corporate tax unification

Swiss voters will vote next week on whether to reform corporate tax and remove the reduced tax rates that Switzerland currently grants to multinational firms Voters will be asked ... Read More

The U.S. market is about 10% overvalued, portfolio manager says

Even if President Donald Trump’s tax policies are enacted, the U.S. stock market is still “not a great risk-reward for investors,” expert Michael Liss told CNBC on Monday. That’s ... Read More
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Oil eases on rising U.S. inventory, market looks to EIA data

Oil edged lower on Wednesday as expectations of an increase in U.S. inventories weighed on the market, offsetting bullish momentum from output cuts announced by OPEC and other producers. ... Read More

Spain To Hike Corporate Tax Burden

The Spanish Government announced a revenue-raising Budget on December 2 that will increase the tax take from corporations. While the recently formed Government chose to leave the 25 percent ... Read More
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