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Hello old friend…Gold nears $1,350 resistance that has repelled it four times in 5 years

The past five years have been baffling for gold bugs. In an environment of massive central bank money creation, rising government deficits and a populist takeover of many countries’ ... Read More
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Gold is setting up for a nice first-half rally

Precious metals investors don’t have much to console them these days. Just about the only bright spot is the nice, though ephemeral, pop in the gold/silver price that seems to ... Read More
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Last week was just a taste of the coming gold short squeeze

The gold and silver futures markets got even more unbalanced last week, with speculators (who are usually wrong at the extremes) going as short as they’ve ever been and ... Read More
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Paper gold not so shiny anymore: Prices hit 19-month low as speculators ‘give up hope’

The price for gold – which has traditionally served as a haven asset for investors – has fallen by nine percent so far this year. Holders of gold futures ... Read More
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Spectacular Gold COT Report: Prepare For A Huge Six Months

  No need to mince words anymore. If the futures market still influences gold’s price, then that price is going to spike. And silver is better than gold. Since ... Read More

Gold and USDJPY Intra-day view – Elliott Wave analysis

Gold fell as expected, down into our Fib. projected support levels for wave v of iii) where bears may slow down, but not for long as new upcoming bounce ... Read More
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Have you ever wondered how much gold is in the FIFA World Cup Trophy?

Arguably the most coveted prize in sport, the FIFA World Cup trophy could not have been made from anything but gold. But RT wanted to find out just how ... Read More

Brokers review: Asian stocks declined, Aussie advanced, Yen and Gold gained

Asian stocks declined as investors assessed the implications of ongoing trade talks between the U.S. and China. The dollar extended a drop ahead of the monthly U.S. jobs report, ... Read More
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Gold Jumps To Crucial Technical Level. Important Action Coming Up

After what seems like a decade in the shadow of tech stocks and cryptocurrencies, gold and silver are rocking again. Which of course leaves everyone wondering if this is ... Read More
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Bigger Triangle on Gold Coming to an End And Looking Lower

Gold is seen trading in a big sideways price action known as a Elliott wave triangle correction. A triangle is a complex pattern with five legs, with each leg ... Read More
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