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Why Market’s Seasonality May Be Critical in 2015

With its FOMC statement, the Fed provided the market with what it wanted to hear. They removed the ‘patience’ phrase as expected, but replaced it with a similar assurance ... Read More
United States Inflartion Rate

Sorry But This Is Not 1997 for the Market

Several months ago I wrote of how super bull markets that last nine or ten years have been once in a generation situations, the last ones being those of ... Read More
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Remain Bullish – But Watchful

Remain bullish because the bull market remains in place, with most indexes making new highs as recently as last week. Support levels continue to hold on short-term pullbacks, technical ... Read More

Investors Are Mistakenly Assured By Two Shaky Generalities

Investors are complacent, even confident, regarding the prospects for 2015. That is in spite of the market being at valuation levels higher than all but one previous market peak ... Read More
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly after the market's opening in New York

Are Conditions Setting The Market Up For A Summer Washout?

Here is what we can quite confidently depend on. The stock market makes most of its gains each year in a favorable period of November to May, and if ... Read More

Is Gold’s Pullback Another Buying Opportunity?

There are reasons in the technical charts, in the fundamentals, and in investor sentiment, to believe gold is ready for at least a tradable bear market rally. In a ... Read More

The Party Is Likely Over for U.S. Treasury Bonds

U.S. treasury bonds defied the experts last year. The consensus was that once the Fed began dialing back its massive bond-buying stimulus program last January, bond prices would have ... Read More
Inflation und Deflation

Potential For Deflation Is Becoming A Big Threat For 2015

The fears after 2001 were that the Fed’s easy money policies to pull the economy out of the 2001 recession, followed by even more easing, including the near-zero Fed ... Read More

Central Banks and Economic Reports Keep Bull Market Alive

At the age of 72 months, the U.S. bull market may be long in the tooth. Stocks may be significantly over-priced based on the CAPE-10 P/E ratio, and Warren ... Read More
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